Disinfect a paper or N95 mask to re-use it

COVID 19: Can you disinfect a paper or N95 mask to re-use it?


Mask is one of the basic need in this pandemic situation nowadays. Normal masks aren’t well enough to protect us from all diseases. In this case we prefer high quality face masks like N95 Mask Respirator. Due to it’s high cost many of us may think to Disinfect a paper or N95 mask to re-use it. But read the article below well before you move on disinfecting the masks.

A tissue paper is a lightweight paper almost transparent in nature. It is a crepe paper. A tissue paper is usually used to wipe hands. The material is so thin that after one use, it is not possible to use it again. Discarding the paper is the best option available. Once, a person wipes wet hands on a tissue paper, it tears or dampens and become moist. Moreover, if any germs are there in the hands for any reasons they get transferred to the paper contaminating the paper. Hence, no disinfectant can be used to ensure that the paper can be reused. Disinfect a paper maskOnce the paper has been used for any reason, it should be discarded safely in a trash bin. Many people have been flushing out the used tissue paper or putting them directly in to the sewage but this is not the right way of discarding them. This is because the paper doesn’t dilute completely with the water and creates blockage in the sewage system. Today, amidst the Covid-19 panic all over the globe where people are excessively using paper, many countries are facing problems where there are sewages are getting blocked. Not discarding the tissue paper in the right way would lead to spread of the virus. Hence, it is better to use a towel which can be washed in disinfectant than thinking of disinfecting a paper.

Disinfect a paper or N95 mask to re-use itN95 mask

N95 masks or respirators are thick masks which tightly fit in the face. For doctors and other health professionals who have been working with the Covid-19 patients or coming in direct contact with them, these masks have been found to form a protective layer. This protective mask can protect you and filter out the germs. The mesh is so thick that it doesn’t let the microorganisms or virus bodies pass through it. It filters out the droplets and doesn’t let it affect the person.

In the following cases, the masks should be totally discarded.

  • If the mask gets moist or if felt that it has been soiled, it should be safely discarded.
  • If too much of touching of mask has happened, the mask should not be used again.
  • If anybody faces breathing problems using the respirator, a fresh one should be taken to use as this means the respirator has been soiled.
  • If the fitting of the mask is not good or one has to breath around the mask, then also it should be replaced.

Disinfecting an N95 mask to reuse it can be a totally bad idea as it can deform the shape of the mask making it difficult to reuse it. The best way is to use it safely by washing hands or hanging it in a clean place. Disinfecting a mask could make it moist attracting more germs particles to settle on it .

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