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How to put on a surgical mask the right way?

How to put on a surgical mask the right way? Surgical masks are disposable devices often very loose- fitting when used. They are made up of nonwoven fabric. People use these masks in day to day life also to protect themselves against pollution.

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Surgical masks are placed flat. Both the sides appear to be the same. So, it is very important that the side of the mask is first identified. Given that this mask is disposable in nature and cannot be used for multiple times. Once, the mask is removed it should be disposed off in the trash without any delay.

How to put on a surgical mask the right way?

  • Choose the right size of the mask according to the size of your face for the best results. For the kids, different sizes are available.
  • Clean your hands properly. Sanitizer can also be used. This is to ensure that the germs in the hand doesn’t get transferred to the mask.

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  • Check the mask properly before wearing it. The mask should have no holes or should not be torn.
  • The colored side of the mask is the front side. The back part is usually dotted.
  • These are the different instructions for different kinds of masks:
    1. Face Mask with bands: Hold the top of the mask at the fingertips. Pull the straps over your head after bringing it close to the mouth. The bands will rest over the head crown. The strap will rest over the nape of the neck.
    2. Face mask with ties: Hold the mask close to your mouth and nose. Take the ties behind your head and make a bow.
  • Face mask with ear loops: Take the mask close to the nose and mouth. Put the loops around your ear.
  • Adjust the mask according to the need.
  • Ensure that you don’t feel very tight at the back of the head or on the neck part.
  • Once you have fixed the mask, make sure you do not touch it at all. Because any virus that is in the hand will get transmitted. If there is a need to really touch the mask for any reasons such as adjusting, it is important to wash hands properly.
  • While removing the mask also, one should remove it from the sides.
  • Discard the mask immediately in a bin. A paper or plastic can be used to wrap it.

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