steps to wear n95 mask properly

How to wear and remove N95 mask?

N95 are often known as N95 respirators and have been found to be extremely protective against the Covid-19 virus. There are certain things that has to be kept in mind strictly when using a mask. If not wear and remove N95 mask properly it can be useless though used all time.

How to wear and remove n95 mask properly

How to wear and remove N95 mask?

  1. At first, choose a mask that is the right fir for your face. It is very important to have a mask that is good in fitting. A mask is a protective shield so it has to be well ensured that there is no place for the germs, bacteria or virus to pass through and enter our respiratory organs.
  2. Hands need to be well washed with a soap. Using an alcohol- based sanitizer could also help. This is to ensure that the hands are clean and bacteria free. If we don’t do so, the germs in the hand can contaminate the masks already.
  • These masks are in the shape of a cup. Cup it properly in the hands and let the nosepiece hang freely.
  1. Cover the mouth, nose up till the chin properly with the mask. N95 masks are tight fitting masks which form a good protective layer. A well fitted mask can successfully filter out all types of pathogens.
  2. Hold the respirator in one hand and with the other, pull the band and place it over the head. The other band should rest on the nape of the neck. Place the nosepiece on the bridge of the nose.
  3. Adjust the mask properly in case if there is a need to do so.
  • Before touching the mask anytime for adjustment or removal, it is important to well sanitize hands.
  • Tilt the head and pull the strap one by one. Pull the straps slowly.
  1. Make sure that through this you do not touch the front of the mask as it can be contaminated. The inner part can be contaminated with the bacteria in your body.
  2. Put the mask in a paper or plastic. This stops the virus from spreading. Then discard the mask by placing it in a trash box.

It is very important to maintain personal hygiene so that the mask can be worn properly, if not the germs in the body can contaminate the masks. If this happens, using a mask will be of no use as the person will have high chances of getting infected of the virus.

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