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Is hand sanitizer or hand washing better at disinfecting?

Hand sanitizing is technique in which a liquid gel which has alcohol content is rubbed in the hands to kill all the bacteria in the hand. Regarding basic awareness tips today we are going to study weather hand sanitizer is good or not for disinfecting the virus in our hand.hand sanitizer

Hand washing is using a soap to kill the germs. Then, water is used to wash the hands.

With the rise in Covid-19 cases, people have been directed to either wash hands or sanitize hands. However, this has been a long debate as to which is a better one.

Is hand sanitizer good for disinfecting the virus ?

Hand sanitizers come in different packaging which make it really easy to carry around in purses or bags. They are portable and easily accessible anywhere. So, where washing hands are not possible, simply using a sanitizer ca be helpful. Anytime, anywhere if someone comes in contact with germs and feels they need to disinfect their hands, they can use sanitizer. This avoids the chances of virus transmission. When soap and water is not available, this is the best alternative.

Make your own hand sanitizer:

However, it has to be best kept in mind that a variety of sanitizers are available in the stores and not all have the right content. The most essential ingredient required to combat and kill the Covid-19 virus is that the sanitizer that is being used has over 60% alcohol content. Sanitizers which do not have good alcohol content might not be protective enough. Also, even if the alcohol content is good enough, its usefulness is not sure.

So, in such case, washing hands with soap is found to be the best option. As that has the capacity to kill and clean off virus, germs, dirt and debris. Washing hands can kill all types of pathogens. People might think it’s the soap that actually kills the germs but it is not the soap that alone kills the germs. The friction of hands while rubbing the soap with water kills the germs. Later, when you wash the hands, all the germs are washed away ensuring that the hands are completely clean.hand wash sanitizer

Is hand washing better at disinfecting ?

It is essential to rub your hands and lather them for at least 20 seconds. This time isn’t really long. washing hands is just not enough, the most essential step is to dry them off well. When the hands are wet, you can pick up the germs immediately as germs can stick easily in wet parts. So, a fresh and clean towel is required to wipe hands properly.

Wash your hands frequently to kill the virus and protect yourself, your family and community from this deadly virus.

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