N95 Mask Respirator

N95 Mask Respirators ( Shield against bacterial infections)

N95 Mask Respirators (face masks) is one of the great PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to be safe from airborne particles. N95 respirators have been best PPE recently to protect employees of the health sector from any kind of airborne bacterial infections.

N95 mask respirator contains a filter meets the N95 NIOSH air-filtration rating. This mask can filter up to 95% of airborne particles.  This kind of respirator work for particulates. N95 Masks are quality designed and mostly used by the Military and health-care professionals. These kinds of masks are prepared for maximum protection to be used by the personnel-related with military and health care.  N95 mask provides high protection from dust and bacteria along with mists, fumes, vapours and bacteria. Using the N95 mask respirators we can reduce the risk of occupational health too. It also provides high level respiratory protection for health workers.

How are N95 masks different from dust masks?

N95 Mask Respirator
N95 Mask Respirator

Purchasing the right N95 Mask Respirators

We N95 Mask Respirator is committed to helping you to make a safe work zone. That’s why our huge we’ve provided N95 respirator’s features clearly in order to make a clear decision for mask users. We’ll help you in choosing the correct protection guide for your near and dears that are located at your workplace. If you have any inquiry regarding choosing of right N95 mask respirator, get in touch with our customer service representatives. You can reach us at 049012938

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