N95 Mask Respirator

N95 Masks Respirator to protect you from Coronavirus

Will N95 Masks Respirator really protect you from Corona virus?

Whole world is currently suffering from Corona virus or COVID 19.  Everyone is taking step to stay safe from this virus. N95 Masks Respirator has been one of the major protective health equipment in this situation to protect one from Corona Virus.

Coronavirus transmits to a person through droplets of an infected person. It is severe virus that affects the respiratory organs of the body. If a person who has the virus coughs or sneezes or even sneezes, the other person who breathes in gets affected. If an infected person touches any place and contaminates it, a person who touches it will also get infected of this virus. This virus can be transferred in second so there is no certain claim about the timing as to how long it takes for the virus to get transmitted.

n95 masks respirator to protect you from corona virus

As the transmission of this virus is so severe, no mask can actually guarantee a 100% protection against this disease. However, it has been found that N95 masks are really protective over the surgical masks. N95 masks are also known as N95 respirators. These masks are made up of a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers. These fibers are non woven polypropylene fabric. The process used is melt blowing. This process forms the inner filtration layer.

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stay safe from corona virus using n95 masks respirator

For people who have been working with the Covid-19 patients or coming in direct contact with them, these masks have been found to form a protective layer. These masks have a really good facial fit that protects the respiratory organs. It is a thick mask. If a health practitioner has to take a nose swab, when the patient coughs or sputters through this process, the germs are all in the air. However, this protective mask can protect you and also, filter out the germs. The mesh is so thick that it doesn’t let the microorganisms or virus bodies pass through it. It filters out the droplets and doesn’t let it affect the respiratory organs.

Therefore, we can say that these masks are effective enough that even if we are in close contact with a person affected from the disease as it creates a blockage for the aerosol to pass.

Using a mask is very essential and helpful for both the patient and also, the doctor who is taking care as it can spread the transmission of virus. Maintaining person hygiene is equally important in all respects so that a person can be healthy.

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