n95 mask vs surgical mask

N95 masks VS Surgical masks

Have you ever been in dilemma to choose upon  N95 masks VS Surgical masks ?

N95 masks are often known as N95 respirators also. They are especially designed devices to protect our respiratory organs. These are tight fitting masks. They have a very good facial fit. These masks are successful in creating a protective seal between the environment and the organs. They have been proven of efficiently filtering out the airborne particles. They are manufactured for use in the construction sites or health sectors. People who are at high risk of exposure of dust and small particles all use this mask. These masks are capable of protecting the user from specific infections or diseases. They can filter the surgical smoke or even plumes. They are capable of filtering virus and bacteria of specific kinds and sizes. They also can reduce the amount of virus. N95 mask also contains coating technologies which can filter, reduce or kill microorganisms. These masks can be reused however, depends on the situation that it has been exposed to. These masks are capable of blocking almost 95 per cent of particles that are of almost the size of 0.3 micron. However, one cannot completely rely on these masks to protect themselves in serious conditions. N95 masks have been tested for its resistance against flames, fluid, biocompatibility and its efficiency on filtering out the bacteria and germs. These masks should never be reused or shared.

N95 masks VS Surgical masks

N95 masks VS Surgical masks

Do you know what N95 Respirator are ?

Surgical masks are disposable devices often very loose- fitting when used. They are made up of nonwoven fabric. People use these masks in day to day life also to protect themselves against pollution. It creates a successful physical barrier between the environment a person is exposed to and the respiratory organs. They are often used for dental or operations. These marks are usually used to protect against large particle droplets. However, it is incapable of blocking or filtering very small particles in the air. These masks usually do not guarantee a greater protection as they are loose fitting. These masks are not intended for reuses or multiple uses. If the mask gets damaged making breathing difficult, the mask should be discarded safely and a new one should be immediately used. This helps in ensuring that the bacteria isn’t transmitted. These are basically face masks that can be even used for surgical purposes. The edges of this mask fails to protect any kind of seal between nose and mouth.

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