N95 Respirator Mask

This complex, highly efficient disposable mask is designed and manufactured for maximum protection
worn by the military and health care professionals. With a smooth finish for all day comfort against the
face, this N95 respirator mask provides protection against nuisance dusts and bacteria. N95/P2
respirators protect against particles such as dust and swarf, but also protect against mists, fumes, vapors
and bacteria.




This quality respirator incorporates 4 layer technology
First Layer: 65g Non-Woven Fabrics
Machine made Non-woven fabrics are the new generation of environmental protection materials, which
are strong, flexible, breathable, water resistant, nontoxic and taste-less. Non-woven textile is non-
combustible and non-irritating among other characteristics.
Second Layer: Activated Carbon:
A High Quality powdered activated carbon used as an absorption material, which is attached to a non-
woven substrate by a polymer binder, with good absorption performance, thin thickness, good
permeability, ease of heat forming can effectively absorb all kinds of industrial waste gases.
Third Layer: 50g Melt Blown Fabric
3 Layers totaling 50g. Melt spraying cloth is the key material of the filtering of the mask. It’s the “heart”
of the mask. In addition to blocking larger dust particles, it can also absorb fine dust and bacteria
droplets through the static charge on the surfaces.
Fourth Layer: Non-Woven Fabric:
Non-woven fabric is made of chemical fiber and plant fiber in a wet or dry paper machine under the
condition of water or air suspended medium. Non-woven textile is non-combustible and non-irritating
among other characteristics.
“The only mask that the CDC considers safe from you getting the coronavirus, the only way to actually
prevent you from inhaling it, is the N95 mask,”