How long do N95 face masks last

Why N95 masks are so important ?

N95 masks are often known as N95 respirators also. They are especially designed devices to protect our respiratory organs like the mouth and the nose. These are tight fitting masks which protect us. They have a very good facial fit. These masks are successful in creating a protective seal between the environment and the organs. They have been proven of efficiently filtering out the airborne particles of all kinds. They are manufactured for use in the construction sites or health sectors where people are continuously exposed to dust or aerosols. People who are at high risk of exposure of dust and small particles all use this mask.

These masks are capable of protecting the user from specific infections or diseases which can be very severe in nature. They can filter the surgical smoke or even plumes. They are capable of filtering virus and bacteria of specific kinds and sizes. They also can reduce the amount of virus. N95 mask also contains coating technologies which can filter, reduce or kill microorganisms. These masks can be reused however, depends on the situation that it has been exposed to or where a person has used.

How long do N95 face masks last

These masks are capable of blocking almost 95 per cent of particles that are of almost the size of 0.3 micron. However, one cannot completely rely on these masks to protect themselves in serious conditions. N95masks have been tested for its resistance against flames, fluid, biocompatibility and its efficiency on filtering out the bacteria and germs. These masks should never be reused or shared. The masks can be reused only after treating or sterilizing it. Doctors or health practitioners who have used this mask in serious conditions should not reuse. Once, the mask gets moist, soiled or is overexposed, it shpuld be safely discarded in such a way that the bacteria does not get transmitted in the environment.

n95 mask vs surgical mask

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) certifies these masks and it’s the best to use masks that have been tested and certified by them.

Therefore, in today’s scenario where people are fighting against Covid 19, N95 masks are very important for the fact that the can filter out and fight against bacteria and microorganisms that are small and not even visible to eyes. People need to understand that when using the mask, they should breathe through the mask and not from the sides. People who have cough or cold or any kind of respiratory tract infection, they should also, use so that they do not infect the environment.

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